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At Burnt Yates C E School we teach Science through an investigative approach, wherever possible. Children are encouraged to make predictions, experiment and spot patterns in results.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children study Science through topics, linked to 'knowledge and understanding of the world'. This work includes practical investigations and explorations, visits and speaking and listening activities.

Work in Key Stage 1 is often taught as part of the Topic ‘theme’, but discrete Science lessons may also be taught, where appropriate. Children are also encouraged to develop their skills in Science and to develop a love and interest for the subject by practical sessions, going on trips and using other skills such as art, writing and ICT to show their understanding of scientific concepts.

By the time children are in Years 3 and 4 they will be working on specific units of work, extending their skills in predicting, planning, carrying out investigations and developing conclusions. Observational and evaluational skills are developed as children move through the school.

Children in Years 5 and 6 extend their scientific understanding further by explaining their observations and creating written reports of experiments as well as linking science to other areas of the curriculum. They are encouraged to relate scientific ideas and principles to real life situations and to begin to make suggestions and pose theories of their own.

Foundation Stage

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