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ICT / computing

We believe that ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is a vital part of our curriculum, preparing our children for the demands of life in the 21st century. ICT is taught as both a separate subject each week and is embedded in the curriculum of all other subjects.

We aim to develop all childrens’ abilities in basic word processing, including saving, editing and printing their work. Children are taught how to add pictures to text, use spreadsheets and how to create and modify a simple database. Children learn to program the movements of onscreen Turtles using basic commands in KS1 and more complex programming in KS2.

We have 30 netbooks, plus 16 laptops, all linked to our network. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and our Early Years and KS1 classrooms have computers for the children to access as part of their continuous provision.  

Foundation Stage

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